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Shadow Frame Customized Family Tree

Shadow Frame Customized Family Tree


Personalized Family Tree Floating within a Frame


Customized framed family trees.  We have a selection of trees for you to choose for your tree display.  As well we have a selection on family quotes/sayings to go along with your tree.  


We can up to 20 names (or couples) on to the tree.  We suggest for larger families you purchase the larger frame size to better accommodate the names.


Please ensure that you have the correct spelling of all the names included.  Please put the names in order from the oldest family members on your tree to the youngest (example below).



    Grandma & Grandpa
    Son & Spouse
    Daughter & Spouse
    Grandchild #1
    Grandchild #2
    Grandchild #3
    Grandchild #4
    Grandchild #5


Please note that as these are made to order there will be 1-2 weeks before your item will ship.

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